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The HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation is dedicated to empowering anal cancer patients and accelerating prevention and research methods that eliminate anal cancer and the virus that causes the majority of cases, HPV.

Over 8,000 people will be diagnosed with anal cancer in the United States and United Kingdom this year, and over 36,000 will be diagnosed with a cancer caused by HPV.

The Foundation was incorporated July 22nd, 2010, three months after the death of Paulette Crowther, by her three children and primary caregivers, Justine, Tristan and Camille Almada. The Foundation has 501(c)(3) non-profit status in the USA and is a registered charity in the United Kingdom.

Specifically, The HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation aims to:

  • Highlight the relevance of human papillomavirus (HPV) in contracting  cancer
  • Accelerate a cure  for the 5% of all cancers that are caused by HPV, with a focus on anal cancer
  • Advocate for prevention methods that will end anal cancer and HPV-related cancers, including gender neutral vaccination
  • Provide support for survivors, caregivers, scientists and providers connected to anal cancer