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The most up-to-date reporting and breakthroughs in anal cancer and HPV research, and the HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation’s latest activities and events.

Adjusting to Life after Treatment

One of the most difficult times for individuals who have experienced a cancer diagnosis is the period right after treatment has ended. This is known as the ‘re-entry period’. This time can be anywhere from immediately after treatment ends to a year and a half after treatment. It can be a time where both the… read more

Thriver Perspective: Reflections on Celebrating the Big 5 – 0

Jane celebrates her birthday while raising anal cancer awareness. Being diagnosed with Stage 1 Anal Cancer at 45 years old, and subsequent Stage IV AC three years later, roused a fear deep within me and rocked me to my core. A sentiment understood by many that have been a part of this non-enviable “club”. My brave… read more

Immunization Awareness Month: The New HPV Vaccine–Gardasil 9

As August is Immunization Awareness Month in the US we wanted to discuss the new 9-valent HPV Vaccine that was released to the public!  Read about how it’s different, its protection, and who should get it. On December 10, 2014, a new 9-valent vaccine was approved by the FDA in the United States.  The new… read more