On the eve of UK's National Election, the BBC ran a live prime time segment with Foundation co-Founder Tristan Almada making the case for protecting boys against HPV.

Tristan was interviewed on the day that the Department of Health Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) is expected to decide whether to vaccinate adolescent boys against the carcinogenic virus. All adolescent girls already have access to the vaccine.

The BBC segment is available here. The interview starts at 1.42. Survivors of HPV-related cancers Jill DeNardo and Steve Bergman are also interviewed.

HPV Action, a coalition of 47 medical and patient groups of which the HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation is a founding member, sent a final letter this week to the JCVI outlining the medical, ethical and economic importance of protecting men as well as women against these cancers.

The JCVI  will inform the coalition and public of their decision in mid-July. Eleven countries including Australia, Austria, Italy and the United States are already vaccinating boys or will be doing so in the near future.