Happy spring, 2019! The new year came with goals, plans, and dreams; our 2019 is no exception. We’re making some changes!

After 8 years of funding research, supporting patients, and preventing cancer as the HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation, we have restructured the Foundation into the following two, separate programs:

The Anal Cancer Foundation: supporting patients and funding new treatments, exclusively for anal cancer.

The NOMAN Campaign: Ending 5% of the world’s cancer through global coverage of HPV immunization for all children.

Though both programs will operate independently of one another, we retain equal commitment to both under the umbrella of The HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation.

When we started the organization a few months after losing our mother Paulette to HPV-related anal cancer, there were few advocates for anal cancer patients or for ending all cancers caused by the HPV virus. Our new plan allows us to continue to “do everything” as we always have, but be targeted in our services, communications, and fundraising. In turn, we can achieve a more equitable distribution of resources across our varied goals and ambitions and ensure you are getting what you need from us.

In light of this, we have rolled out a new logo for the Anal Cancer Foundation (seen at the top of this post), one that we feel conveys our laser focus on funding cutting-edge research for this overlooked cancer. At the heart of our work, we remain committed to providing unparalleled support to anal cancer thrivers -- with the best quality information, resources, and community possible.

We hope that you are as excited about these developments as we are. Please note that our work is, as ever, critically dependent on support from people just like you – the thrivers, caregivers, and others impacted by anal cancer without whom we would not be able to continue doing what we do. Please help us continue to spread the word. We know that together, we can be successful in the fight against anal cancer and HPV.

Thrive On!
Justine, Tristan, and Camille Almada