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GP Online

Government advisers are reconsidering their recommendation against vaccinating boys for HPV, after appearing to admit that initial cost modelling may not have been based on real-world costs.   Original article – GP Online – published 17th November The Joint Committee for Vaccinations and Immunisations (JCVI) has postponed its final recommendation regarding whether boys should be… read more

The Lancet

“The unprecedented progress in our understanding of the role of HPV in cancer and the development of effective and safe vaccines can decrease the HPV associated cancer burden only if vaccination rates for girls and boys improve substantially worldwide.” Read the full article here: Expanding the benefits of HPV vaccination to boys and men… read more


Paulette Crowther said she had colon cancer, but she didn’t. As she fought for her life, only her children and closest family friends knew her real diagnosis: Stage IV anal cancer. “She didn’t even want to say the words anal cancer out loud, let alone talk about it. Colon cancer seemed more normal to her,” says Crowther’s… read more

The Times

A letter signed by 13 HPV experts has been published today in The Times, UK, calling on the government to extend the vaccine to all boys. This followed a letter sent at the end of last week to Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt signed by these leading clinicians, academics and scientists in HPV…. read more