At the Anal Cancer Foundation, we know that an active lifestyle can be very helpful to many thrivers in combating and managing a cancer diagnosis. This is why we are so excited that many of our supporters have chosen to raise much-needed awareness and funds through participating in a wide range of athletic activities. We are so grateful to all of our former athletes for helping move us forward in the fight against anal cancer, and invite others to join together to do the same!

We hope that you will keep us in mind when deciding the beneficiary of your next athletic event. For help starting your own fundraising campaign, please see our Fundraising Toolkit for Athletes! If you would like to organize an athletic event in your community, see our Fundraising Toolkit for Athletic Event Coordinators.

Scroll through our events to read our athletes’ stories, donate to an upcoming event or just gain inspiration for how you too can put your skills to the test and become a champion for ending cancer!