Supporters of the HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation are phenomenally dedicated to eradicating anal cancer and HPV -- and with it, 5% of all cancers.

They help us spread the word, take action across the globe and engage their communities in creative and powerful ways. Our supporters have thrown fundraising parties in their homes and performed feats of athleticism in locations as far as Greece, China and Cambodia. These achievements only scratch the surface of their efforts and we are so grateful that we have such innovative and committed advocates on our side!

Such events have proven to be incredible opportunities to inform and involve new audiences in the fight to end preventable cancers. If you want to get involved in this extraordinary effort to end anal cancer and HPV, we are here to help! It is possible to turn almost anything you are passionate about into a fundraiser: baking, dancing, golfing, frisbee – just let the creative juices flow!

We will work with you to tailor your fundraising event to your and your guests’ needs, so you are not on your own during this process. We have provided a Fundraising Toolkit for Non-Athletic Events to make the planning stages as fun and seamless as possible. Please be sure to contact us before you start the process of planning so we can help you ensure a successful event!

The funds you raise will go directly to advancing research into eradicating HPV-related cancers, advocating for HPV prevention and supporting thrivers.

We hope to speak with you soon!