In 2013, the phenomenal achievements of our inaugural NOMEN helped us surpass our fundraising goal and raise over $1 million. The effort funded our joint $1.2 million HPV research grant with Stand Up to Cancer and the Farrah Fawcett Foundation. Since 2013, the proceeds from NOMAN has continued to fund groundbreaking research and advocate for prevention efforts.

FEach year, about 33,200 HPV-associated cancers are diagnosed in the United States alone – 2/3 in women and 1/3 in men. In the UK it is estimated that HPV causes about 5,000 new cancer cases a year in women and 2,100 in men. The NOMAN campaign and its supporters understand the lifesaving potential of research aimed at eliminating this virus, and every single contribution to this endeavor makes a difference. We are thrilled at what the NOMEN have been able to achieve, and with continued support this is only just the beginning!

The NOMAN campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of vaccinating boys against HPV; around 32 countries now recommend the routine vaccination of boys alongside girls against HPV.

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