The Foundation partnered with the De Nardos, a family in the UK whose life was also changed by anal cancer, to create an awareness campaign to target stigma. Inspired by their personal struggles to cope and care for a parent suffering from the disease, the two families teamed up to deliver the 2013 Behind Cancer Campaign. The Campaign’s aims were to raise awareness for anal cancer and to publicize the establishment of the HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation (prior to becoming the Anal Cancer Foundation) in the UK. In the face of the lack of resources and support for those who live with anal cancer, Ellie De Nardo and the Almada siblings arrived at the same conclusion: bring the conversation about anal cancer into the public domain. Within months of her mother’s diagnosis, Ellie had persuaded eleven of her friends to pose for a calendar. The calendar was a success and increased the public conversation about the illness in the UK.