Role & Impact

Our mother Paulette could still be with us today if more prevention policies, screening tests and therapeutic options were available. Through awareness and prudent investments, we’ve figured out a path to decrease HPV-related cancer incidence dramatically in the coming decades.
– Justine Almada, Co-Founder

We are changing the game in the worlds of HPV and anal cancer. With supporters like you, we have funded novel research, expanded thriver programs, and mobilized HPV vaccination initiatives. Since our founding in 2010 after the loss of Paulette Crowther, vivacious mother of three, we have been committed to a better future for cancer patients.

We announced the winners of breakthrough grants for HPV-related cancer research and scientific forums. We made huge strides in actualizing gender-neutral HPV vaccination programs internationally. Last but certainly not least, we have the largest support program for anal cancer thrivers in the world.

In our effort to destigmatize HPV-related cancers and raise awareness that we are all affected by HPV – and that we all have the power to stop it – we have united extreme endurance events and our campaign to eliminate 5% of cancer worldwide. The momentum started by the 2013 NOMAN is an Island campaign has been catapulted to new heights in 2014 and 2015, with rowing races across the Pacific Ocean and Mediterranean Sea and competitive cycling events in the Italian Dolomites and French Pyrenees.

Without the generosity of our donors, these programs and achievements would not be possible. Thank you! With your support, we can continue making greater and bolder advancements toward our goal of eliminating HPV and cancer.