You can help us eradicate HPV and end 5% of cancers in so many different ways! Please consider making a financial contribution through the various options listed below:



The HPV & Anal Cancer Foundation
PO Box 232
New York, NY 10272
United States of America


Check made out to:

The HPV & Anal Cancer Foundation LTD
Kemp House 160, City Road
United Kingdom

Gifts of Stock:

Making a gift of stock can be easily arranged through your broker and can be a tax-advantageous way of helping fund our work. Your charitable income tax deduction is equal to the fair market value of the stock and you avoid paying the capital gains tax on any increase in the current value over the original cost of the stock.

If you would like to make a gift of stock please contact us at or +1.646.593.7739 so that we can properly acknowledge your donation.

Special occasions

We are so grateful for all the support you give us. We would be delighted to be made a part of your special day, be it a wedding, a birthday, or any other meaningful life event. When you ask friends and family to make a donation to us in lieu of a traditional gift, you are demonstrating to your loved ones your dedication to ending 5% of cancers.

Please contact us at or +1.646.593.7739 if you would like to turn your special occasion into an opportunity to help the effort to end cancer.


Payroll Giving is a way of giving money to charity without paying tax on it. It must be paid through PAYE from someone’s wages or pension.

Your employer needs to set up and run the scheme. Speak to your employer about which scheme they use. They can also contact a Payroll Giving agency to set up a scheme.

Planned Giving:

Planned giving is a method of giving that allows a donor to support an organization with larger gifts than their income may provide. It is, by definition, a gift that is made in lifetime or afterwards as part of the donor’s overall financial planning, including the planning of their estate.

It is easy to support The HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation through a planned gift.

  • One easy way is to name the Foundation a beneficiary in your donor advised fund, retirement plan, IRA, or life insurance policy.
  • A bequest to the Foundation in your will can easily specify a dollar amount, designate specified assets (securities, real estate, etc.), or assign all or a percentage of the remainder of your estate after all other obligations have been fulfilled. You can make this bequest by including it in a new will, or by adding what is known as a codicil to an existing will.

There are several tax benefits to making a planned gift. For example retirement account assets may be subject to high taxation in most situations. You may reduce the taxes on those assets if you name The HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation as a recipient of any remaining in your plan

With planned gifts there are several factors to consider. Please be sure to contact us at or +1.646.593.7739 to discuss your particular situation. We thank you in advance for your generosity!