Anal Cancer Awareness Day is the official day on 21 March to raise awareness of anal cancer around the world. Our objective is to educate people about anal cancer and also shine the light on anal cancer thrivers (our name for people that have gone through treatment) and encourage them to share their story. Stories can help save lives.

How to show your support

Help us raise awareness of anal cancer by sharing our social media graphics. Use #analcancerawarenessday and tag us @analcancerfoundation on Facebook and @hpvanalcancer on Twitter. Email us and we will send you our Awareness Day Toolkit!

Share a photo of yourself on social media: hold up a handwritten note saying, "Anal Cancer Awareness" to show solidarity with the anal cancer community. Use #analcancerawarenessday and tag us @analcancerfoundation on Facebook and @hpvanalcancer on Twitter.

Share your story about your experience with us with your social media followers. Learning from others about their experience with anal cancer can be helpful, informative, and a great way to feel connected.


Follow along on social media

Follow the events of this year's awareness day by following us and the hashtag #analcancerawareness22 on Facebook or Twitter. Use the hashtag in your own posts to help build momentum behind the campaign.

Join the campaign!

Interested in joining or supporting the campaign? Contact us for more information or to receive our campaign updates. Together we can raise awareness and help end anal cancer!