Fundraise for Us!

Thank you for fundraising for the Anal Cancer Foundation!

We depend on regular donations, fundraising and gifts from supporters like you to run our support services, advance research and help improve the lives of anal cancer thrivers.

We recognize that our generous donors often like to go beyond individual monetary support. Not only do they strive to promote us financially, they also seek to spread our mission to friends and loved ones.

To assist you in your efforts, we have created Fundraising Toolkits for both athletic events (such as races) and non-athletic events (such as parties and bake sales). We hope these will help provide guidance around organizing an event, generating donations and overall sparking important conversation around this issue.

There are a variety of ways you can support the foundation and we have created toolkits to provide guidance around organising an event, generating donations and sparking conversation around this important issue.

It could be as easy as asking for donations on your birthday in support of The Anal Cancer Foundation instead of gifts. For those of you on Facebook, this is very easy to setup. You can do so by following the the tips here on how to create a birthday fundraiser or go ahead and set up your page.

  • Make a one-off or monthly online donation to support our programmes.
  • Feeling sporty? Check out our Become an Athlete for a Cure page
  • Holding bake sales or hosting a party for the Foundation. See our host a party page!

Already got an event planned in support of the Anal Cancer Foundation? You can set up a fundraising page in the US or in the UK/Europe.

Could your business support our Foundation?

Text reading "Uranus wiper"


Uranus Wiper highlights their support for the Foundation on their packaging and donate proceeds to support our work to empower the anal cancer community. You can purchase their artisanal, zero waste friendly, eco toilet roll from the Uranus Wiper shop.



Let us know if there are ways we can help your business increase their involvement with the Anal Cancer Foundation

Whatever you are thinking of doing to fundraise for The Anal Cancer Foundation, from beginning to end we hope to be a source of support for your efforts. Please let us know if you intend to host or participate in an event!