Our Impact

I want to thank all for creating the foundation and website. 9 years ago when I was diagnosed there was little information available. I had to do a lot of research on my own. The work you are doing is awesome! No one should ever die from anal cancer.


Since the Foundation’s inception in 2010 we have dedicated ourselves to improving the lives of anal cancer thrivers, supporting and funding research for anal cancer as well as HPV-related cancers, creating a collaborative space for clinicians to share knowledge and ideas, and moving the pendulum forward in increasing vaccination rates for girls and boys. We continue to work with leaders in the field to not only eradicate HPV-related cancers for future generations, but to eliminate research and scientific silos and bring improved and novel treatments to those diagnosed with anal cancer.

Our staff and boards work every day to improve the once bleak landscape facing the anal cancer community. It is our promise and commitment that tomorrow will  be different for our community!