Support for Anal Cancer Caregivers

Being a caregiver to a loved one going through an anal cancer diagnosis often requires tapping into sources of strength you may not have known you had. That being said, to be the best caregiver possible requires also ensuring you are taking care of yourself. We hope these resources prove useful to you in assisting your loved one on their anal cancer journey.

Tips for Being a Caregiver

The roles and responsibilities of a caregiver can often feeling all-encompassing and overwhelming. This is perfectly normal, and you should not feel guilt or shame for experiencing any of them. Check out our top tips.

Tips for Being a Caregiver


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We’ve compiled lists of suggested questions to help direct your conversation with a clinician. Depending on your health status and the nature of the appointment, some questions may be more applicable than others.

Questions To Ask Your Doctor

Side Effects of Treatment

The treatment for anal cancer can lead to side effects which feel difficult to manage. Within this section we list some tips and techniques to do so.

Please note that if your loved one is newly diagnosed, they may not be ready for all of the information contained here. If you do not think they are, or are unsure, please look through the information first. You can then provide the most relevant information for their situation.

Side Effects of Anal Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy Side Effects


This section discusses chemotherapy treatment for anal cancer in order to help you prepare for treatment, and to understand the effects of treatment on your body.

Side Effects of Chemotherapy for Anal Cancer

Radiation Side Effects

This section discusses radiation treatment for anal cancer in order to help you prepare for and after treatment including follow up care.

Side Effects of Radiation Treatment for Anal Cancer

Surgery Side Effects

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This page discusses what to expect during surgery for anal cancer, and the side effects that you may experience following treatment

Side Effects of Surgery for Anal Cancer


Reading and listening to the stories from fellow anal cancer community members about their experiences with anal cancer can be an incredibly helpful and informative process.

Read Thriver Stories


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We know the frustration of not having access to quality informative support services, and the feeling of isolation this can foster. Here’s our list of resources.

Support Resources


A list of medical resources and reference points from screening to general information

Medical Resources


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A list of financial organisations to provide you with resources so you can focus on your health.

Financial Resources


Looking for someone to talk to about your loved one’s anal cancer diagnosis? We are here to help. The Peer to Peer Support Program is a free service provided by the Anal Cancer Foundation that matches anal cancer thrivers (our word for survivors) and caregivers with thriver volunteers and caregiver volunteers.

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