Financial Resources

Searching for cancer patient resources can be overwhelming, especially for an under-resourced disease like anal cancer. Below is a list of organizations that provide assistance in the U.S.A. and are divided into the following categories: medical expense assistance, travel assistance, housing assistance, resource search engines and other non-medical financial assistance. Check with each agency or organization listed to see if you qualify for help.

If you find resources that are not covered in this list please do let us know.

Many hospitals also have patient assistance funds that help with medical and non-medical expenses or can recommend local service organizations they work with. Check with a social worker where you are being treated to see if you qualify.

Medical Expense Assistance

NCCN’s Virtual Reimbursement Resource Room (215-690-0280)
Provides links to drug manufacturer payment assistance programs for when insurance will not cover the cost of treatment. Includes three drugs periodically prescribed for anal cancer: Xeloda, Avastin, and Nivolumab. Find each program by selecting “Drug Name”.

Patient Advocate Foundation (800-532-5274)
The Patient Advocate Foundation provides patients with arbitration, mediation and negotiation to settle issues with access to care, medical debt and job retention related to their illness. Case managers work with patients, caregivers or their medical personnel free of charge.

Cancer Financial Assistance Program
CFAC is a coalition of financial assistance organizations joining forces to help cancer patients experience better health and well-being by limiting financial challenges. Search for anal cancer resources by zip code.

Cancer Care (800-813-4673)
Cancer Care offers limited financial assistance for cancer-related costs. Costs may include transportation to and from cancer treatment, home care, child care, pain medication, and chemotherapy or targeted treatment co-payments. The organization is staffed by professional oncology social workers.

The Max Foundation (425-778-8660)
The Max Foundation offers support for people who have rare or blood related cancers, through informational referrals for grants and clinical trials relevant to the individual’s cancer. The Foundation also offers a fundraising program for patients to raise money for their own care.

Hill-Burton Free and Reduced Cost Health Care (800-638-0742)
The Hill-Burton Free and Reduced Cost Health Care Program is run by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Reduced cost health care is provided for those who earn an income that is at or below the HHS poverty guidelines. Individual facilities determine what type of care is offered.

Resources to Raise Money for Medical Expenses

There are websites available that help patients raise money online from their community and network to help pay for medical expenses. gofundme is one of the largest and most popular platforms.

Travel Assistance

National Patient Travel Center (
The National Patient Travel Center aims to ensure that no financially-needy patient is denied access to medical evaluation, diagnosis or treatment for lack of long-distance medical transportation. The National Patient Travel Center does not provide financial assistance by itself, but it does link cancer patients to other organizations in the national charitable medical transportation network. The center prefers contact by email.

Corporate Angel Network (914-328-1313)
Corporate Angel Network’s mission is to help cancer patients access the best possible treatment for their specific type of cancer by arranging free travel to treatment across the country using empty seats on corporate jets. They offer air travel assistance to any cancer patient and to accredited cancer treatment hospitals.

The Road to Recovery (800-227-2345)
The American Cancer Society Road to Recovery program provides transportation to and from treatment for people living with cancer who do not have a ride or are unable to drive themselves. Volunteer drivers donate their time and the use of their cars so that patients receive the treatments they need.

Patient Airlift Services (631-694-PALS (7257))
Patient AirLift Services is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that arranges free air transportation for individuals requiring medical diagnosis, treatment or follow-up who cannot afford or are unable to fly commercially. PALS also arranges volunteer flights for family members of patients as compassionate missions, to ensure patients have support when they are away from home for long periods.

Peer to Peer Support Program

Looking for someone to talk to about your anal cancer diagnosis? We are here to help.

Housing Assistance

Hope Lodge (800-227-2345)
Hope Lodge is an American Cancer Society organization that offers cancer patients and their caregivers a free place to stay when undergoing treatment. There are 31 centers nationwide.

Joe’s House (877-563-7468)
Joe’s House is a nonprofit organization that provides an online nation-wide list of places to stay for cancer patients and their families seeking lodging near treatment centers.

National Association of Hospitality Houses (800-542-9730)
The Healthcare Hospitality Network, Inc. is a nationwide professional association of 200 nonprofit organizations that provide lodging and support services to patients, families and their loved ones who are receiving medical treatment far from their home communities.

Hospitality Homes (888-595-4678)
Hospitality Homes is a nonprofit organization that provides free short-term housing in volunteer host homes for families and friends of patients receiving medical care in the Boston area. Patients who live more than 50 miles away from their hospital are encouraged to apply.

Resource Search Engines

National Cancer Institute (800-4-CANCER)
The National Cancer Institute provides a search engine for support organizations. This can be used to search over 100 organizations worldwide that provide emotional, practical and financial support for people with cancer and their families. Their list includes camps for children who have parents with cancer, groups that assist with housekeeping, and many other programs.

Other Non-Medical Financial Assistance

American Cancer Society (800-227-2345)
The American Cancer Society can help find specific resources in your region for day to day living such as rent, utilities and transportation. They also have a health insurance information team that helps people understand their choices to change or purchase new insurance.

Cleaning for a Reason (877-337-3348)
Cleaning for a Reason partners with housekeeping service agencies to provide help with house cleaning for women with cancer. They provide their services free of charge.

Team Continuum (917-595-4169)
Team Continuum provides immediate and vital non-medical assistance to cancer patients and their families. Funding is only available in NY, NJ, CT, MA, NH and RI to patients that demonstrate financial need and are in active treatment. Applications will only be accepted from social workers affiliated with hospitals or treatment facilities in the eligible states. Grants may include payment for a months rent/mortgage, gas cards or grocery cards.

A printable version of this list is available here:
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