A patient ambassador is a thriver, or family member, who supports the mission of the Anal Cancer Foundation through compassion, personal story-telling, philanthropy, and advocacy.

Could you be a Patient Ambassador?

A Patient Ambassador is an anal cancer thriver or family member who supports the mission of the Anal Cancer Foundation through compassion, personal storytelling, philanthropy, and advocacy. Patient ambassadors serve as a visible presence within their communities on behalf of the Anal Cancer Foundation and assist with projects and initiatives such as leading and inspiring outreach and awareness campaigns.

Why become a Patient Ambassador?

• Empower thrivers and caregivers to talk about their challenges and share information in the hopes of eradicating stigma
• Educate others about health issues that affect the anal cancer community, including prevention, patient support, legislative actions, and liaising with the medical community
• Make new connections and participate in fun outreach activities
• Be a part of promoting and advancing the research agenda that will eradicate HPV-associated diseases and bring anal cancer treatment into the modern era
• Build a community of thrivers, caregivers and other allies

You can learn more about the patient ambassador program via our guidelines and agreement.

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Lillian Kreppel

Lillian Kreppel smiling at the cameraLillian Kreppel is an anal cancer thriver, public speaker, entrepreneur, and changemaker. Over the course of her career in health, wellness and hospitality, she has successfully developed marketing strategies, public relations and business plans, and sales initiatives for multi-million dollar corporations. An anal cancer diagnosis in 2017 became the catalyst for her to combine her expertise and skills to end the disease. She has since become a powerful warrior, activist, and relentless pioneer advocating for the prevention and treatment of HPV & anal cancer. Her goal is to inspire others with her personal journey and to empower them with the education and awareness they need to manage their own health.

"I am on a mission to change the negative stigma associated with whispering the word HPV & anal cancer with my unceasing passion to make this virus and cancer a thing of the past. HPV & Anal Cancer desperately needs a voice – I am that voice!"