The NOMAN Campaign

NOMAN is an Island: Race to End HPV and Prevent 5% of Cancers raises awareness about HPV and vaccination through extreme sporting events. This year we have two new exciting NOMAN endurance events that will help eradicate the HPV carcinogen: one is a 30-40 day rowing race in the Pacific Ocean and the second is a bicycle race through the Italian mountains. 

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The Great Pacific Race

Our latest adventurers are training to compete against 14 other teams in the Great Pacific Race. This is the first ocean rowing competition between Monterey Bay, California and Honolulu, Hawaii.

Chris Blacketer, Jack Carter, Mark Gleeson, and Nick Kempster, 23-year-old alumni from Exeter University are our brave NOMEN taking on this feat.

These NOMEN will row the Pacific on the boat Isabel, named after our mother’s middle name. The journey is expected to take 30-40 days and they will face extreme weather, sharks, and 30-foot swells.

They will attempt to set a world record for first four-man crew to row across the Pacific. The teams take off on June 7, 2014.

Watch their training video.

Cosaveli Giro

NOMEN will compete in the Cosaveli Giro bike race through the Italian Dolomites between June 6 and 9, 2014.

Team Members already include:

Tristan Almada, NOMAN Campaign co-founder and second-year NOMAN

Laurant Baud

Ian Field, National Cyclocross Champion

James Hamm

Matthew Hill

Mark Hunter, a UK Olympian Gold Medalist and second-year NOMAN

We are currently seeking additional members to join our team!

The 2015 Mediterranean Challenge 

Last year 10 NOMEN including Tristan Almada and Mark Hunter rowed for 3 days across the Mediterranean from Barcelona to Ibiza. In 2015 we will repeat the Mediterranean challenge and are seeking NOMEN! Please sign up.

NOMEN Athletes Save Lives


Last year we surpassed our fundraising goal of $1 million. This year we have set a goal of $600,000.

These efforts funded our joint $1.2 million HPV research grant with Stand Up to Cancer and the Farrah Fawcett Foundation.

The NOMAN campaign also aims to raise awareness about male vaccination in the UK. Sign our HPVAction petition to ask the government to include males in the vaccination program.

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