We recently held the inaugural webinars in our 2022 Expert Hour webinar series: Clinical Trials 101 and Immunotherapy 101.

Dr. Lee Rosen of the University of California, Los Angeles, and Dr. Julius Strauss of the National Institutes of Health were the first two experts to hold informative and insightful sessions. We were thrilled at the quality and depth of information about anal cancer they each brought directly to the community.

We are so grateful for the time Drs. Rosen and Strauss put into their presentations and for taking the time to respond to audience questions and concerns with such kindness and clarity. This is our entire goal for this series: getting you the same information as your providers have. When you are empowered with knowledge, you can have more in-depth and productive conversations with your medical team and get the best care to suit your needs.

Clinical Trials 101Presentation slide about how to judge treatment success

March 18: Clinical Trials 101: Dr. Rosen guided us through myths and facts about clinical trials, provided questions to ask when considering a trial, and outlined how to frame clinical trials during the treatment journey.

Watch the Clinical Trials 101 replay.

Learn more about clinical trials for anal cancer.

Immunotherapy 101

Presentation slide entitled "Intro to Immunotherapy"

April 21: Immunotherapy 101: Dr. Strauss presented on the types of immunotherapies and how they work, what factors affect response to immunotherapy, potential side effects, and how to access immunotherapy clinical trials.

Watch the Immunotherapy 101 replay.

Learn more about immunotherapy for anal cancer.

After both presentations, we concluded with a robust Q & A. Audience members had their questions answered directly by each doctor.

Thank you to our experts and to our participants! We hope the first two sessions of this ongoing series have provided you with information and support. As we plan out future events please do not hesitate to let us know how we can better support you through our work!