The Anal Cancer Foundation is proud to participate in GMHC's journal Achieve.

Foundation board members, Camille Almada and Nicoletta Bumbac contributed The Cancer That Dare Not Speak Its Name to the Fall 2011 publication focusing on Living With HIV.

Achieve brings needed prevention and treatment information to the people living with HIV, their doctors, and caregivers. Informational articles are written in English and Spanish by acknowledged experts on their subjects, in language that is easy for someone without scientific training to understand. First-person articles by people with HIV recounting their own treatment experiences bring often remote-sounding subject matter to life and underscore the message of empowerment. Advocacy updates help readers to remain informed about emerging policy issues affecting them and their communities. Armed with increased knowledge and the experiences of others, people with HIV are able to communicate with their healthcare providers better, participate actively in their own healthcare, and make informed decisions about treatment options.