It's been a busy few months here at HPVACF! Through your support, we are funding ground-breaking research for a cure, leading the movement to prevent HPV-related cancers, educating clinicians about the anal cancer experience and providing resources and support to thrivers. 

Read on to find out about the exciting events we have been involved with this spring.

Leading the British Charge to Prevent HPV-Related Cancers 

IMG_05253-1024x683On 21 April in London, we, along with the European Men’s Health Forum, hosted a Symposium on Key Issues in HPV Prevention and Early Diagnosis, which brought together leading policy makers, clinicians, scientists and patient organizations. The symposium recommended actions to improve prevention and early detection of HPV-related disease. Speakers included co-founder Tristan Almada, and John Baron MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Committee on Cancer, who pledged to continue to raise the issue of extending vaccination to boys in UK Parliament.

Highlighting the Person Beyond the Cancer at IANS Scientific Conference 

L1040564-1024x682While participating in the second International Anal Neoplasia Society Scientific Conference, Justine Almada hosted a panel of thrivers, oncologists, dietitians, and pelvic floor physical therapists. “The Person Beyond The Cancer” addressed treatment and skills to manage the side effects of treatment, as well as providing insights to better inform clinical practice. IANS is the world's first professional society devoted to anal cancer and precancer, which began with our support.

Making Leaps with Research 

We are working with scientists to find new and targeted approaches for people living with recurrent HPV-related cancers, and that starts by funding novel studies for better treatment. 

The clinical trial we announced in our February newsletter, and supported with a $40,000 grant, opened enrollment last week. Metastatic anal cancer has been treated with the same drugs since the 1970's. This NIH-supported trial at MD Anderson Cancer Center will explore immunotherapy alternatives to this treatment protocol for recurrent and stage IV anal cancer.

Our grant to Dana Farber Cancer Institute with the Farrah Fawcett Foundation and Stand Up To Cancer is wrapping up its first year of work. The team has a three year grant to develop a new immunotherapy to treat HPV-related cancers, including cancers of the anus, cervix and head and neck.

Providing Unique Support to Anal Cancer Thrivers

Our dedicated peer to peer support program matches anal cancer thrivers (our word for survivors) and caregivers with volunteers who have direct experience of anal cancer and provide support and mentoring. The program now has over 100 participants since its launch last year. Find out more here. Our Director of Patient Services and External Relations, Kassandra Samman, was invited to speak this month at the annual Volunteer Management in Cancer Care Conference about the strength of our program and its database and evaluation system.

We are holding a live online forum on Tuesday 23 June at 8PM EST on our YouTube channel. Join us to learn from anal cancer thrivers and experts about how to manage side effects that result from treatment for anal cancer. If you are a thriver interested in attending the online forum, please RSVP to