Have you ever wondered what is being done to find new ways to screen, diagnose and treat anal cancer? Have you ever thought how wonderful it would be if your doctor had a network of knowledgeable colleagues with which she/he could discuss anal precancer and cancer? Or hoped that there would be more scientific information available about anal cancer and precancer, and one day, a better way to deal with the malignancies?

We also wondered, thought, hoped and decided to take action!  That is why in 2012 The HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation joined forces with the top researchers and clinicians in the field of anal cancer to form the International Anal Neoplasia Society (IANS). Since its inception, the society has cultivated a community of researchers, developed a network to facilitate the exchange of ideas and furthered advocacy efforts.

This November the society is taking the next step and holding its Inaugural Annual Scientific Meeting.  Never before have researchers, clinicians and advocates come from around the globe to be immersed in an international effort to address anal cancer.

At the conference, IANS members will present the latest research and debate hot topics pertaining to AIN (anal intraepithelial neoplasia) and anal cancer.  Discussions will include: trends and incidence in anal cancer, screening and treatment of ASIL (anal squamous intraepithelial lesions that can be a precursor to anal cancer), and HPV and ASIL in individuals that are HIV+.  Addressing these topics will bring greater understanding to how anal cancer develops and impact the future of screening and treatment protocols.

Foundation Scientific Advisory Board member Dr. Joel Palefsky is President of IANS and has worked to bring this milestone conference to fruition.  Palefsky, a leader in the field of anal cancer research, treatment and advocacy, will be presenting at the conference.  Foundation Executive Director, Justine Almada, will participate in the opening ceremony and a panel discussion at the conference.