Woman with blonde hair and a baby, with a daisy edited on to the image“I am.”

August 13, 2018…

& I could only ever dream about where ‘I Am’ today.

Following an initial StageIII (hpv related) diagnosis earlier that year, & undergoing the usual chemoradiation treatments that not only caused neutropenia, butt (pun intended) also likely contributed to an anal/virginal fistula that required  a temporary colostomy. I was neither prepared or expecting after just one month, to hear those words ~ Biopsy ~ Metastasis ~ Liver.

Yet, blood transfusion, colostomy reversal & a liver resection later; here ‘I Am,’ still hearing the same results since that date; NED. (no evidence of disease)

‘I Am’ grateful.

‘I Am’ hopeful.

‘I Am’ blessed, beyond measure for loving you for longer Savannah, my first grandchild.

For when hope is the equation, the odds don’t matter.