This year is special for me and my family. We are going through the journey of cancer for the third time in 2 years as the disease has become my life now. I am 52 years old and was diagnosed in September 2022 with Stage 3c Anal Cancer and the devastating effects of the disease have progressed to Stage 4.

It is especially difficult to be the one that is in the cancer family because my twin sister is very much the greatest person in my life and her hurting is just breaking my heart. We lost our father in October 2020 to lung cancer in 2 very short months then our mother suffered a stroke only 9 months after. The loss of several family members and friends in the summer of 2021 was a shock to our not-yet-settled grief. To know a death sentence is close creates emotional ripples and waves of all sorts.

I push through the best I can to love and be blessed with the time we have, and that is my peace. I'm praying that all the things that create cancers are overwhelmed with love fought from around the world, and that maybe cancer someday finds itself extinct.

From my family, we will continue to raise awareness and share our experiences to support all.

Also I am attaching a screen shot of a letter I received from President Biden and the First Lady. Something about the compassion that made the day feel like we really are a big family. It sure helped me cope and take a look at just how many are affected by cancer. Take care and continue the stand up to the disease. I'm blessed to be standing up for hope!