I was diagnosed with anal cancer 3 years ago, underwent the Nigro protocol and was free from cancer until a scan done last November showed metastases to the lung.  My doctors told me that they could only offer palliative care in the form of monthly chemotherapy with no end to that therapy.  Unwilling to accept that I contacted the Anal Cancer Foundation's Peer Support Program and was paired with Michele Longabaugh.

I also did a lot of research to see if there were any other options for me.  I was seen at MD Anderson and underwent two 2-month rounds of chemotherapy.  The scan done in June showed that the multiple nodules in my lung were now down to one nodule.  I had requested a surgical consult and was referred to a surgeon at MDA.  He performed minimally invasive surgery and removed the remaining nodule last week.

As of now I’m cancer-free. I would like to share my story to offer hope to those with distant metastases.

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Looking for someone to talk to about your anal cancer diagnosis? We are here to help. The Peer to Peer Support Program is a free service provided by the Anal Cancer Foundation that matches anal cancer thrivers (our word for survivors) and caregivers with thriver volunteers and caregiver volunteers.

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