What is the NOMAN Campaign? 

noman logoIt’s more than a race; it’s a call to action. Human papillomavirus (HPV) causes 5% of cancers, many of which are preventable through HPV vaccination. An approved vaccine exists to prevent the virus, and many of the cancers it causes. 

Why is HPV vaccination Important?

  • 80% of people are exposed to HPV at some point in their life.
  • HPV causes 5% of cancer cases. Cancers caused by HPV are increasing, not decreasing. These cancers include anal, cervical, vulvar, vaginal, penile and head & neck cancers.
  • Only one new drug to treat any HPV-related cancer has been approved in the past 15 years.
  • An approved vaccine, however, exist. It protects against the most common cancer causing HPVs.
  • HPV causes cancer in both men and women. In ten years time, more men than women will suffer from HPV-related cancers in developed countries.
  • In almost all countries, boys are not provided universal access to HPV vaccines.

To achieve our finish-line goal of beating HPV-related cancer, we must work together across genders, populations, and institutions. Through teamwork and extreme cycling and rowing events, NOMAN illustrates that no one can fight HPV-related cancers alone, and certainly not by targeting one gender when both genders are affected by HPV. A gender-neutral virus requires a gender-neutral vaccine.

Please help us raise our goal of $200,000 / £200,000 for each event. Every dollar helps us to eradicate cancer.

This year’s 2015 NOMAN events:


Cosaveli’s Trois Etapes Giro bike race through the Italian Dolomites:

June 4 – 7 2015

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Cosaveli’s Trois Etapes events present a unique opportunity for cyclists of all abilities to ride the climbs of the Grand Tours alongside professional cyclists such as Carlos Sastre, Cadel Evans, and Liam Holohan. No other event in the world gives amateurs the thrill of pro cycling like the Trois Etapes.

HPVACF and NOMAN co-founder, Tristan Almada, will once again participate in this year’s event.

Meet the Trois Etapes Giro NOMAN riders

Photo of 4 cyclists


Check out our promo for this years race:


Barcelona – Ibiza Mediterranean Row

July 11 – July 17 2015


This is one of the world's premier ocean rowing races which pits teams of amateur rowers against each other across the Mediterranean.

Which team will you be supporting this year, U.S. or E.U.? We’re introducing a classic rivalry to the 2015 Barcelona - Ibiza race. Team Danielle will be representing the U.S. with Zach, David, Jason and Oivind onboard. From the other side of the pond, Team Isabel will be representing the E.U with Tim, Nick, Jonah, Conor and Stephen.

The teams will begin the journey on the 11th of July in Barcelona and will hope to break the 3-day record set by Team Danielle in 2013.

Meet the Barcelona – Ibiza NOMAN competitors


Ibiza-Barcelona Mediterranean Row

July 16 – July 21 2015

Final seats remain in this race which pits teams of amateur rowers against each other in a race from Ibiza to Barcelona. Two identical ocean rowing boats will depart Ibiza on the 16th of July on a head-to-head journey across 200 miles of the Mediterranean Sea. All of the training is tailored to individual abilities and conducted by expert rowers. No prior rowing is experience required.

Interested? Find out how you can become a NOMAN for the Ibiza-Barcelona Mediterranean Row today!

Previous NOMAN events:

  • Barcelona – Ibiza row July 2013 (3 day row across the Mediterranean)
  • Great Pacific Row June 2014 - August 2014 (a 50 day row from California - Hawaii, our 4 man team broke the world record for youngest crew to row the Pacific)
  • Cosaveli Giro bike race in June 2014 (3 day cycling event through the Italian Dolomites)