Hi, My nameWoman with short grey hair and red glasses smiling is Linda. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Anal Cancer in August, 2020. Due to Covid 19 I was unable to have family or friends with me for doctor visits and or treatments.  This was ok with me as I was embarrassed by the kind of cancer I had and tried my best to hide it. I completed the Nigro Protocol in October, 2020.
After this I had immunotherapy which I completed in May, 2021. I relied on the web for info and found the Anal Cancer Foundation Site. I was relieved! At last, people who knew exactly what I was going thru. People who were not embarrassed to say "I have anal cancer" out loud.
The support and information were priceless. I am no longer embarrassed and hope to take my pain and experience and turn it into care and compassion for others.
My wish is that post-treatment care would improve. Just because there is "No Evidence of Disease), I wish our pain (either physical/mental or both) is not dismissed.  More help is needed to help us get through the damage that was caused by this brutal treatment.
Am I the same person I was before?  No,  I am stronger, smarter, and enjoy life more now!
Stay Strong Warriors & Thrivers!