My name is Tim McCrary, I was told at 34 years old that I had stage 2 Anal Cancer. Those words froze me. I was shocked, sad, and lost. My doctor told me treatments are tough and I thought I'll push through and be back to work in no time. Well, I was wrong, the treatments were
tough and chemo sucks. I was lost and had nowhere or no one to understand what the heck I was going through.

I searched for days calling every number in Toledo and nothing. I searched for "anal cancer" and I found the Anal Cancer Foundation. I emailed thinking no one would reach out, but I did. I talked with the founder Justine Almada and she helped me finally understand what I was dealing with and how the treatments are. I was given a go to person to contact when I had questions about anything.

Lillian was my go-to person, I was even able to meet Lillian last year. She is such an amazing person who cares and keeps you thriving. The Anal Cancer Foundation helped me in every way possible and more.

I will say the toughest battle I've had was beating cancer, but I gained a group of people who feel like friends I never had before. People think treatments are done and it's back to normal. That's not the case for many of us. I am so thankful for the Anal Cancer Foundation, I don’t know what I would have done without them.