Lady smiling with a US flag in the corner of the imageMy journey began in May of 2020. I had three things happen to me then: I had just purchased & closed on my condo, it was my birthday in the middle of May (19th) & I was diagnosed with anal cancer. At first, I thought I was dealing with hemorrhoids for several months. I had gone to see my gastro dr & he prescribed a topical cream & anal suppositories. As it turned out, nothing helped. Finally, he sent me to another dr, (proctologist/surgeon) He did an anoscopy in his office then said I needed a biopsy under anesthesia.

A week or so later I had the biopsy & sure enough, he told me it's cancer. Apparently, my tumor was 6cm x 7 cm. Quite large is what I was told. The worst part about that was the dr has/had no manners at all, I was barely out of anesthesia & he walked by me & said "its cancer" and walked away. The recovery nurse was absolutely wonderful! She took care of me.

I was then scheduled to see an oncologist a few days later. Met with oncologist & she suggested a usual course of treatment with 6 weeks of chemotherapy along with radiation. I was able to take the oral pill for chemo. I went daily to St. Barnabas medical center for daily radiation. The radiation techs could not have been more caring & wonderful. Thank goodness.

I went on disability about 1/2 way thru my treatments. Upon receiving radiation, I apparently got "burned" both inside & out. I even went to a pain management Dr who prescribed medications such as fentanyl & morphine, in low doses and none of which helped. I also used aquaphor and again, no help. My pain was excruciating & I even thought of taking more pills than prescribed. Luckily I didn't.  At times I was very constipated that the pain management dr had to give me a laxative which really didn't help either.

Towards the end of my treatment, I was invited to Robert Wood Johnson Cancer center in New Brunswick NJ for a drug trial for patients with anal cancer.  They told me the drug infusions are also used for lung cancer patients & they are finding good results with anal cancer. So I was able to join this trial & do it for 6 months. Once a month I'd have to go to RWJCC to get an infusion. It did not make me sick or anything. I was even able to drive myself there but not in the first month because I didn't know if it would make me sick.  So I went thru the trial for 6 months, & am feeling ok. They told me my cancer is gone but to do regular checkups, MRIs & anoscopys.

I'm very glad to be here, I have gone back to work full time & do try to enjoy each day that I'm still on this earth. It has changed a lot for me as far as how I think about a lot of things. But I'm very glad to be past this cancer journey & hope it doesn't return anywhere in my body.

Now, I'm also helping another anal cancer survivor with her journey & hope I'm serving her well. I'd also be open to helping others.

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Looking for someone to talk to about your anal cancer diagnosis? We are here to help. The Peer to Peer Support Program is a free service provided by the Anal Cancer Foundation that matches anal cancer thrivers (our word for survivors) and caregivers with thriver volunteers and caregiver volunteers.

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